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What's At Stake?

We gather to participate in an important civil duty.  Take responsibility for shaping and overseeing the government that we elect.   I urge you to discus and debate the issues important to you and your family.  Now more than ever we need your participation to assure a secure future for our children as well as ourselves.  Please be respectful of others' opinions and offer your knowledge to inform others of reasons for your beliefs.  We are here to work together for the good of all.  

Please consider my request for your support as I seek re-election as your representative for District 18A in the Minnesota House of Representatives.   It has been my duty and honor to be your voice in the State Legislature.  I will continue to uphold your concerns to keep state government efficient, focused and to reduce spending to levels that are sustainable for the tax payers of this great state.

In stressful economic times as these, we need to re-double our efforts to return our state to prosperity through productive and permanent job creation in theprivate sector.  This means taking our state in the direction where we can be competitive in the global marketplace by reducing regulations and taxes that drive business from our state, or excessively burden those loyal enough to stay here.  We have great potential in our workforce and students.   Let us make it easier and more profitable to employ our home grown talent right here in Minnesota, where they would prefer to live and raise a family.  The growth of private sector jobs will provide income and thus tax revenue to sustain our state services without further tax increases.   We are blessed to have a wide variety of industries working for us in Minnesota, from agriculture, timber, and mining, producing raw materials to high tech device manufactures, food processors of every sort, a vibrant tourist industry, and everything  in between. 

Our potential is great!  Over several years we have allowed misguided regulation and tax policy to stifle much of this potential.  When we support and encourage our job creators through less restrictive regulations and tax burdens that will allow them to compete with the world, the jobs will come for our well educated workforce, and the revenue to solve many of our budget problems will be generated so that they correct themselves.   TheLegislature has the responsibility to work through the statutes to correct this over regulation and return tax fairness for all Minnesotans so that we can all reach our greatest potential.                  

Please lend your support through your participation,  but also everyday ahead.  Each of you can share this responsibility by staying informed, studying the issues, talking to others and writing letters to news media to express your concerns.  Please share those concerns with your elected representatives as well.  The best ideas come from the grass roots of our communities and many are discussed in the legislature every session.   Your idea could be the next great idea to shape the future of Minnesota!   

Every candidate seeking election, to your local government, county, state and federal office needs active and willing supporters to help spread their message.  Please volunteer to help a candidate in this election cycle.  We are most appreciative to have help with phone calling, door knocking to distribute information, walk in parades, and setting signs around the area.  Fund raising to finance a campaign is crucial.  Please share in financing your favorite candidates by contributing to their campaign fund.  The rewards may be intangible, but knowing that you helped make a difference in  electing the people who will make the decisions most important to you, can bring you great satisfaction.    I am most grateful for my past supporters and humbly ask for your support in the coming campaign. 

Let this be the beginning of a new era of citizens taking responsibility for their government, assuring their own liberty and freedom forever.

May God bless America!



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